Few events in life are as daunting as securing appropriate, quality care for an aging or challenged adult in your life. From assessments to well-coordinated solutions and everything in between, our expert team will help you move forward with confidence and genuine peace of mind. Because everyone’s needs are different our services can be brief or ongoing and are tailored to the specific needs of the client.  

The first step is often a CONSULTATION with family members that  

includes a meeting with a care manager to learn about resources and 

services, and to develop a road map for next steps. 

  When necessary, an objective and comprehensive ASSESSMENT is conducted of the client’s functional abilities and his/her physical and mental health. We also evaluate social and spiritual needs, housing needs and safety issues.  Our recommendations are made to the client and/or family based on this assessment. A comprehensive PLAN of care can be designed to address the client’s current needs and long term needs. 

On the client’s behalf, we COORDINATE AND ADVOCATE with medical providers, insurance companies, home health agencies, rehabilitation facilities, retirement communities, the State, care providers and other community resources. This may include: 

·      Hiring and coordinating in-home care givers

· Referrals to reputable legal, financial, home care services, and other community resources

· Assistance with Medicaid applications

· Adult family home assessments. 


When it is time to transition from living at home, we offer recommendations for appropriate PLACEMENT options. We research living facilities to ensure the client’s needs will be met and he/she will receive the appropriate level of care. Our services include assistance with transitioning to an assisted living facility, skilled nursing facility, adult family home or boarding home. In order to remain objective, we do not accept referral fees from facilities or agencies.

We MONITOR to ensure safety (including medication 

management) and quality of life. Regularly scheduled care 

conferences involving client, family (local and out-of-town), 

and care providers focus on the holistic needs of the client.  

We EDUCATE clients and families about aging issues, disease 

processes, community resources, medication management, etc. 

We provide COUNSELING for clients and their family members. 

This includes assistance with family conflict, development of 

advanced directives for end-of-life care and supportive therapy 

for grief, loss and transition issues.